Prace Geograficzne, z. 115

Redaktorzy: Obrębska-Starklowa B., German K.
Rok wydania: 2005
Język publikacji: angielski

ISSN 1644-3586

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Spis treści:
The structure and present-day transformations of the natural environment of the border zone between the Cracow Gate and the Carpathian Foothills South of Cracow
Autor: Tomasz Zapała
Strony: 9-17
Summary - read more..
The southern border of Cracow runs in the border zone between the Carpathians and the Sub-Carpathian Basins. The convergence of the anthropogenic and natural border affects the functioning of that area. As a result of the mapping, five parallel landscape belts were designated in the area in question. It was established that the degree of anthropogenic changes was strongest in the valley bottom while it decreased towards the south. The natural transformations are chiefly linked with the natural succession (meadows, ponds) and with relief-forming processes (landslides). Semi-natural landscape is represented by small erosion-denudation slope valleys.
Spatial order in the natural environment of the Polish Tatra Mts
Autor: Jarosław Balon
Strony: 19-29
Summary - read more..
The article presents an attempt at a new look at the natural environment of the Tatra Mts. On the basis of detailed results of field investigations carried out in the catchment basin of the Białka, extrapolated on the remaining part of the Polish Tatra Mts, three basic spatial orders were distinguished; belt, vertical zonal and morphological. These orders and the relationships among them were shown on the example of the western part of the Tatra Mts. - the Chochołów Valley. The spatial orders condition the organization, functioning and development of the natural environment; they may be treated as geo-ecological "co-ordinates" of the Tatra geosystem.
An assessment of solar conditions of the Wieliczka Foothills with the application of GIS (as exemplified by the environs of Gaik-Brzezowa and Łazy)
Autorzy: Dorota Matuszko, Paweł Struś
Strony: 31-37
Summary - read more..
The paper is an attempt at spatial representation of solar conditions of the chosen areas of the Wieliczka Foothills, varying in inclination and exposure. The source material is represented by measurement results of insolation from the station at Łazy and Gaik-Brzezowa over 1991-2000 and by the Numerical Model of Terrain for the stations. To carry out a digital map of insolation GIS was applied using the method by V. Strużka. As a result of the analysis it was found that - on account of the duration and the energy of sun's radiation - the solar conditions of the Wieliczka Foothills are favourable. Possibilities of their employment were also shown.
Synchronous and asynchronous periods of cloudiness and sunshine duration in Cracow (over 1884-2003)
Autor: Dorota Matuszko
Strony: 39-47
Summary - read more..
The paper presents an analysis of multi-annual (1884-2003) course of cloudiness and sunshine duration in Cracow. Two synchronous periods were found (1884-1956 and 1976-2003) i.e. periods of mutual relationship between these elements and one synchronous period (1957-1975) in which a simultaneous decrease in cloudiness and sunshine duration occurs. The reason for the dissimilarity of that period from the remaining ones is probably an intensification of zonal circulation with eastern component as well as changes in radiation balance due to dynamic urbanization of Cracow.
Periodical changes of precipitation and the number of precipitation days in Cracow
Autorzy: Robert Twardosz, Marta Cebulska
Strony: 49-56
Summary - read more..
The article presents an attempt at assessing the usefulness of the method of Fourier's harmonic analysis to forecast precipitation. To achieve the purpose use was made of annual precipitation totals and of the number of precipitation days from a meteorological station of "Astronomical Observatory" in Cracow over 1812-2000. Verification was also made of the accordance of precipitation values over 1981-2000 obtained as an interference of statistically significant cycles (at an adopted level of 10%) on the basis of the Fourier method with (real) measured precipitation values.
Sustainable development, against of ecological awareness and geographical education
Autorzy: Anita Bokwa, Paweł Jezioro, Sebastian Wypych
Strony: 59-66
Summary - read more..
Sustainable development requires the authorities of various levels to undertake difficult and unpopular decisions. The success of environmental policy is dependent on the degree of social acceptance of such decisions, which in turn is conditioned by the level of awareness and of the knowledge of environmental issues. An essential element then is the geographical education of both children and adults carried out e.g. by the distance education.
Application of physical-geographical mapping to creating a data base for the environment of protected areas of the little Pieniny Mts.
Autorzy: Robert Pipała, Wiesław Ziaja
Strony: 67-75
Summary - read more..
The paper presents the formation of the data base for the natural environment of the relevant area on the basis of a complex physical-geographical mapping. The data will be a basis to determine various aspects of the environment condition of the 4 nature reserves together with their surroundings.
Geomorphological conditionings of the economic development of the Nowy Żmigród gmina
Autor: Magdalena Bednarz
Strony: 77-87
Summary - read more..
The natural environment is of essential impact on the economic development of region. An analysis of all the elements of the natural environment in the course of preparing local physical management plans is necessary for a regular shaping the gmina's space. In view of considerable conditionings of the relief in economic development in the Polish Carpathians it deserves a special attention. The article presents an analysis of present-day impactand its influence on the district economy taking the following possibilities into consideration; the development of farming, settlement and the extension of road infrastructure. Geomorphological limitations and barriers in the management of mountain areas were presented. Land evaluation of the district was carried out with an attention paid to areas of varying degrees of economic development possibilities conditioned by the relief.
Structure of the natural environment and the spatial management plan of the village Trzebunia in the Średni Beskid Mts
Autor: Krzysztof Ostafin
Strony: 89-96
Summary - read more..
The article presents the structure of the natural environment of a village (its surface 23,8 on the basis of the results of a detailed physical-geographical mapping and of multi-annual observations of the state and changes of the environment. The described spatial arrangement of geocomplexes reflects relationships among particular components of the natural environment and these between man and the environment. These served to assess the spatial management plan of that part of the gmina of Pcim.
Natural and anthropogenic conditionings of the chemical composition changes in the Carpathian Foothill stream waters during flood flows
Autorzy: Joanna Raczak, Mirosław Żelazny
Strony: 97-105
Summary - read more..
The aim of the studies was the recognition of natural and anthropogenic agents shaping changes of the chemical composition of mountain streams at flood discharge. Over 2002-2004 changes of the chemical composition of mountain stream waters were analysed during 10 flood discharges of rainfall origin and of 13 snowmelt and snowmelt-rainfall origin cases of at three differently managed catchments (forest, agricultural and of composite land use structure). Laboratory measurements of waters included the concentration of macroelements (Ca2+, Mg2+, K +, HCO3-, SO42-, Cl-), biogenic compounds (NH4+, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-), specific electrical conductivity, reaction and suspended matter concentration.
Functional transformations of post-industrial areas of the central part of Bielsko-Biała
Autor: Marcin Białka
Strony: 107-113
Summary - read more..
The paper deals with spatial-functional problems of functional transformations of post-industrial areas in the center of Bielsko-Biała under conditions of free-market economy. The object of the analysis was the scale and causes of the formation of such areas in particular periods of times, the course and the problems associated with the process of their transformation as well as the range and character of the transformation of their spatial-functional structure.
Manufacture of regional products and agrotourism as an example of the use of natural values of Tuscany
Autor: Jacek Gurgul
Strony: 115-124
Summary - read more..
The developed agrotourism and a rich range of regional products point to broad opportunities of attracting tourists by Tuscany. The region takes a leading place in Italian statistics with respect to the number of tourists (38 million in 2002), agrotourist farms (1,406 in 1998) and of traditional products (424 in 2003). The present article conditions favouring the appearance of the both elements of the broadly conceived tourism.